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turn your attention to the plant
into a wonderful oil
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Organic milling
organic agricolture, a form of respect and attention for our land
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Chemical analyses
Discover the quality of your oil
with our certified instruments
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We package your oil
in any type of container
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Experiential Tours
a path between production processes and quality
with tasting of the oils produced
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Business gadgets
customized packeges
for your events
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a refined present
for your special events
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a healthy culture of oil
from an early age!
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We use to ship in Italy
and abroad
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Frantoio Tini provides the service of
cold pressing with continuos method
reserved to individual producers of olives.

According to our procedural and qualitative stardards
and in order to assure to our customers the milling within 8 hours of picking,
reservation of the own turn of processing is required.

Frantoio Tini is accreditated for carring out the service of organic cold pressing
with continuous method dedicated to producers of organic olives.

The milling is always guaranteed within 8 hours of picking, with prior reservation.

Quality extra virgin olive oil has excellent effects on our health

it protects the heart and arteries

slows down the brain aging

lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood

fights the free radicals

Frantoio Tini carries out the analysis of Acidity
and Number of Peroxides in the oil
directly in the Oil Mill

that thanks to the aid of instrumentation leader in the sector

Acidity and Number of Peroxides

is a parameter that indicates the percentage of oleic acid in an oil and is the main chemical indicator of its quality.
Higher is this value, poorer is the quality of the product. It is indicator of fundamental importance as in relation to the level of acidity is established the attitude of fat edible as well as the oil commercial classification. The acidity is manifested by an alteration of lipolytic type, expressed in grams of oleic acid per 100 grams of oil. Its measure is determined by laboratory analysis (acid-base titration). The limit of acidity for extra virgin olive oil is 0.8% but in a quality oil values are much lower (0.1-0.3%). In olive oil you can have a high level of acidity when the product was obtained from fallen olives and/or left in the ground a sufficient time to the triggering of fermentation phenomena. These phenomena are often due to sensory defects (in particular, winey, fusty and mould). The perfect sanitary status of the olives, harvesting at the right level of ripeness and the use of proper techniques of picking, storage, processing and conservation will generally produce an extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity. Very often consumers wrongly associate acidity with the feeling of spicy present in different intensity in almost all extra virgin olive oils. This perception is wrong because the spicy indicates the sensory manifestation of the presence of an important class of aromatic substances called polyphenols, which besides being natural antioxidants are responsible for this sensation.
The peroxide number
is an index of primary oxidation of the oil, a synonym for degradation and aging.
It is measured through the quantitative determination of hydroperoxides. The latter are derived from the oxidation of fatty acids by the action of an enzyme present in olives, the lipoxygenase, or due to the radical actions that are favored by oxygen dissolved in the oil. The limit on the number of peroxides expressed in milliequivalents of active oxygen per kilogram of oil is 20 (meq O2/kg), above this limit the oil is graded lampante. A high number of peroxide shows an primary oxidation process already initiated and irreversible. A good reference value is below 10-12. The primary oxidation state of an oil depends on the enzymatic activities of the lipoxygenase, acting if the fruits undergo cellular injury of the pulp of the drupe and from contact of the oil and olive pulp with oxygen in the air which favours the oxidation of fatty acids and the formation of peroxides.

We offer the service of packaging your oil
in in a controlled temperature environment

Experiential Tours

We carry out experiential tours in the oil mill with tasting of the extra virgin olive oils produced.
The visits are indicated for all age groups and are usually conduct in groups.
Our guests will be taken on an itinerary that evokes the production process by our oil masters.

At the end of the journey, the tasting is led by certified oil tasters and sommeliers.
To close bread and oil for everyone! Contact us to book your tour

Business gadgets

For trade shows, corporate events or Christmas gifts, the work done for our partners are severals.

Together we will choose the combination of products, packaging and personalization that best suits your needs.

Contact us without obligation for any information


We customize favors for your special moments. A quality gastronomic present is always welcome, even more if healthy and expression of a territory.

Our lines of extra virgin olive oil are created to satisfy different tastes and palates.

According to your wishes, we will advise you of the type of extra virgin olive oil and packaging respecting the theme of your event.


Healthy eating starts from an early age. We spread the culture of extra virgin olive oil through workshops aimed at children.
The kids, with their palates uncontaminated by false myths and traditions, manage to recognize the true value of quality.

Our EvoLab Kids project touches on various themes ranging from production to health aspects of extra virgin olive oil.
It always ends with bread and oil, the best of snacks.

We ship our oils in Italy and abroad.

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